When fears are holding you back

Uncategorized Jul 09, 2019


Whether we like to admit it or not; it’s oh so often fears that are holding us back from getting where we’d really like to be. It’s our fears that are holding us back from something new. Something we are supposed to be doing with the rest of our lives...


I have talked about fear earlier. Both in a couple of the episodes of Create Your Dream Career TV, and in earlier blog posts. But I can’t stop there. I have to address this black, scary, unseen thing called fear. I have to address it. Not just once or twice. But as often as possible, just so we at last can see that it wasn’t as scary as we thought it was...


Let’s talk about the fears when it comes to changing our career for something better.

First of all, if you close your eyes and imagine yourself as a 90-year-old you. You are about to say goodbye to this world. When you are sitting there in your chair, looking out the window, what would you tell yourself? What would you...

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Sorry, But You're Wrong

Uncategorized Jul 02, 2019


When I start coaching a client, and we start to talk about what career would be "the one" for them, I always write their answer down with a question mark.

Do I not believe them? Of course I do! I believe that they "think" that what they describe to me is "the one" career for them. But it's often not what's right for them... What they really, really want. Deep down.


You see...

There are so many factors that makes us believe it's something special we should be doing for a living. 

I want to share 3 of the factors with you here in this blog post, so let's dive right in!

Are you ready?


Number 1, Your Values

Your values describes who you are. They describe what you really want in life, and how you should live your life in order to live the life you really deserve and desire.

Sometimes your values can work against you. It's not that you have the wrong set of values. Nothing is wrong or right when it come to your values. They only...

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Would you learn how to fight fires by yourself?

Uncategorized Jun 25, 2019


Of course you wouldn't. It could be a matter of life and death if you tried.

You would need to have someone by your side that knew what to do, and when to do it. Right? And you had to learn it step by step, not by rushing in on the large fire right away...

I know this. I know how crucial it is to get the help you need. To get the stories, the tricks, and to learn the smart way to fight fires. To get all the information and training you need, before going out there on your own.

I know this because I was one of them. I was one who needed to learn how to fight fires. I was one of those who needed to learn how to handle the feelings and desperation of people who had just experienced the worst that could happened to them.



You see... I was a firefighter back then. I was a firefighter for 9 years before I became a fire chief. Never in my wildest fantasy would I ever let one of my men in on a call out if he hadn't had someone to coach him on what to...

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You could have these revenue numbers yourself!

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2019


I'm so excited for this week's blog post! Why? Because it can give you the "push" you need to create a career that makes you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face. 

Just so you can let go of the feeling of "ohhh no, not one more day at this horrible job" when the alarm goes off in the morning.


You see. This week I want to do something different. I want to give you examples of different careers you might not have thought of. I want to give you examples of how to make money, when you want to live that so called "laptop lifestyle", and how you can use your experience to help other people!!! 

I know!! It's a bit different than my regular blog posts, so please give me feedback on what you think!



I have to start with a disclaimer! It's not like I can promise you that if you take 1 plus 1  you will get 2... Like if you choose "this" career and you add "this" experience of yours, then you will get "that" amount of monthly income.


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Maybe not want you want to hear, but...

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2019


I want to tell you something you might not want to hear. Not from me, not from anyone else.

But someone needs to tell you this. And today, I'm the one telling you this.


You see..
I talk with so many people who are today where I was a few years ago. 

They are tired, they are fed up, and they don't want to continue on the path they are on right now.



All they want is to make a good life for them selves and for their loved ones. They want to be there for their children, for their parents that are needing their help more than ever. They want to have the energy to be with their friends, or to work out. And they are dreaming of some me-time where they could take a long shower or watch a serie on Netflix.

They want to have a meaningful life, without stress and anger.


(I know... There is always a "but"!)

They just want to have all this... They are not willing to do the work needed to get there. To get to a place where they have the energy to take a...

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Back To Basic So You Can Start Your Journey

Uncategorized Jun 04, 2019


This is a blog post all about how you, by going back to basic, will gain a solid foundation of your transformation towards a life you love living.

A foundation to back you up so you can go out there and create your very own dream career...


Think of the first steps when you're building a house. You don’t start with the walls or the windows. You have to start with the foundation, right?

Another great example is one of the fables we heard when we where children. The one that Walt Disney made a film of…

The three small pigs that built their homes like a protection towards the big scary wolf, remember? They built their houses of different materials.



The big scary wolf wanted to eat those three cute small pigs by blowing their houses down to reach them. He managed to blow down the houses built by the two small pigs. They just wanted to get a «quick fix», and built their houses of straw and sticks…

The fairytale ends...

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Aaargh, I'm a fraud! They will find out at last!

Uncategorized May 28, 2019


Do you feel like a fraud? Then you should be proud of yourself!

Yes, I mean it! You should be proud of yourself, if you have feelings like that from time to time!


Why, you might ask. Let me explain...:

People who feel like a fraud are normally people who are high achievers. You heard me! High achievers!

That is not bad! Every time you start getting the feeling of being a fraud, remember these words...

...And to lift you even higher:



It's especially common amongst successful professionals!
For those who have gained a great amount of success as defined by their industry, their age or their gender.

If you are feeling like a fraud, you believe that you have to prove to those around you so much more than they would ever (Yes, EVER) expect from you. Believe me!

I can promise you this:
If you ask people who know you really well if they think you are a fraud at what you do, or want to do, they would laugh. They would think you were...

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When you doubt that you can do it…

Uncategorized May 21, 2019


Do you doubt that you can create your own career? 

There are so many people that have doubts. I had. One day I thought I would make it, the next day I was thinking «Are you crazy? What if it doesn’t turn out the way you want?»


I also thought this over and over again: «Who am I to think I can create my own business? I’m not even sure what that business should be all about!». Not to forget this one: «Karine, hold your horses! You have no clue where to start and how to do it!»


As you know, I desperately wanted to create my own career. Not only that, I wanted to create a career where I could work from anywhere in the world (or to be precise; where I could work both from Norway and the US, where I have my loved ones).

 My grandson and I on the tennis court by our home in Florida (you see why I really wanted to have my own laptop lifestyle, right? I need to see him in Florida, aaaand my...
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Planning is like watering your plants. It's crucial!

Uncategorized May 14, 2019


What does the word «planning» mean you?

I don’t know how important planning have been for you earlier in your life, and in your career. Only you know.

Some people like to write their plans down, others like to just have them in their minds.

We are all different and must do what suit us best! What works for one person doesn’t have to work for her (or his) neighbor.


Planning is like watering your plants

Planning is just as important as water is for your plants. It’s crucial. It’s «everything»…



You have to have your plans in order.

You don’t want to have any big surprises during this period, when you are about to claim your dream career, would you?

Okay… positive surprises are great, but if we don’t plan like a pro, it’s more of the negative surprises we will meet on our way.

And we don’t want those kind of surprises.

We need to plan in order...

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It's «Easy Peasy» To Create A Dream Career

Uncategorized May 06, 2019


If creating your very own career is what you really want deep inside, it's «easy-peasy» to do so... I don't mean it's an easy fix, but if it's something you really, really , really want to do, then you will do what's needed.

That is what this blog post is all about. It's about the «stop dreaming and start doing» part of it.


Don't get me wrong. It's a lot of work, a lot of planning, and not least: a lot of adjusting. You need to learn what to do first, what to do next and so on. Of course. It's the same thing if you want to learn a foreign language, if you want to learn how to dance salsa or make a special dish. You have to learn. 

But when the feeling of staying where you are today is making you depressed and stressed out, it will be «easy-peasy» to do what you have to do in order to make the life you want to live. It really is. It's fun!



When you start to focus on your goal, you go all in. You know what the...

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