What if your daydream came true?

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2020


Yes......What if it your daydream came true — let’s say within a year, within 5 months or even just within 3 months?


Hmmm.. you might be thinking: "No way! Not within a year! And definitely not within 5 months! And 3 months? Karine, are you crazy?"

Maybe you're thinking: "I have no clue what to do next, where to start, I have a ton of fears, I don’t have some specific skills".... yes... and the list just keeps going.

But this crazy Norwegian woman (meee) is here to tell you that your daydream CAN come true! It can! I know it can!

You see...

Mine did! Even if I had all those hairy scary obstacles... 
From suffering from PTSD, to a huge mortgage on our home. I had a good paying job as a fire chief... You know.. Things that could have held me back, if...listen: IF I hadn't been daydreaming.


I daydreamed of being my own boss, where I would wake up every morning looking forward to a new day. Where I could do something that inspired me, something that made me happy.
I daydreamed of having a job where I wasn't stressed out on an almost every day basis.

Women I have coached have made their daydream come true. 

So, yes. Your daydream can come true.

You see.., Nobody has to live a life that doesn't make them completely happy and fulfilled. It's possible for us to create a life and career which is the perfect fit for us! ...And it all starts with a dream.