Do you want to change your career, but have no clue what to do or where to start?


"Been there, done that" as we said back in those younger days...

My name is Karine Einang, and I have gone through different career transformations myself. 

From being an HR Manager, a fire fighter, and a fire chief, to really want to create my own career — ending up as an entrepreneur with my own Norwegian company.

Changing your career doesn't have to be scary, unrealistic or stressful.

What you need is finding your "why", the right mindset, goals that stick, and the plans to get there.

...It's all about getting the clarity.

I don't want anyone to say they "Hate Mondays", or believing there's no way around. Because there is.

All the best, 

CEO, Einang Safety Consult.

Founder of New Career Academy and 
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"Because of my obligations for my job as a fire chief, my colleagues and not at least – my family, I had trouble making the leap. I didn't even know HOW to make the leap! With the right tools, I learned the right techniques for making the right choices regarding my career, and not worry so much about what others might be thinking. That has improved my life immensely. I now guide others who want to claim their Dream Career. "

Karine Einang
Career Shift Specialist and CEO of the Norwegian Consulting Company Einang Safety Consult she created in 2017

"Karine is a great, intelligent and helpful person, i truly recommend her coaching"

Las Vegas, NV

"Karine is such a great soul. She is so empathetic, calm and clear. It is so amazing to work with her."

Munich, Germany

"Karine is insightful & caring. She is really dedicated to the success of her clients."

Memphis, TN

"Karine understands the person as a person, and helps you dig out of where you are now and get on the way to way better place! Karine is a safe pair of hands and a kind heart on the journey."


"Karine is wonderful! She is patient, warm, and knows exactly what you need to hear to make a difference in your life!"

Comox, Canada

"Karine is amazing! She is the coach you need to take your career to the next level. She will give you the guidance and motivation you deserve. Thank you so much for everything!"

Tampa, FL

"Sometimes when you are not sure what can work for you with your carer all it takes is to let someone on the outside pair the picture for you. Thank you Karine."

Melbourne, Australia

"Karine gave me precise solutions on how to deal with challenges. She has wide experience, so that the examples she puts up are easy to recognize. She took my needs serious. Thank you!"


"Karine is engaged in us, she uses enough time and takes good care of us. She adjusts the course material to our needs. Very positive that we got different templates to use in our work :-)"


"Very happy with a smiling, engaged and motivating coach. Information that would otherwise be boring, becomes exciting and interesting when Karine presents it."


"Karine Einang — She is an amazing life coach and overall spectacular person. Thank you for your friendship and support, Karine! I can't wait until we meet in person! If you feel called to do something different with your life, she's your girl! "