Your Mindset is Shaping Your Results

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2020


Whether you think you can, or think you can not — you are right. A famous quote by Henry Ford. A quote you should have in your mind every second of your day.


Your thoughts create your results. It's that easy. Nothing more, and nothing less.

How often have you told yourself that you can't? And then didn't go through with it? I guess it has happened, right? And not only one time either.

It sure has happened to me. More than once. 

You see,
Having thoughts like these makes you not go all in. You are slow walking instead of giving it your everything. Because you think you can not.


"I'll try"

Stop using the phrase "I'll try".
Using this phrase is like showing yourself and those around you that you really do not want to get to the finish line. 
Tell me... If I told you that you had just won 1 billion dollars and asked you to come and get your prize — would you have answered me with the phrase, "I'll try..."? I guess not. You would have said: "YES, I can!" 

Or... let me give you another example:

If your dream partner had asked you to marry him or her, and this had been your dream for years, would you then have replied, "I'll try"?

We both know the answer to that question, right?

This paints a picture of how important your words really are. Those you say out load, and those you tell yourself.

Your mindset IS shaping your results. I know it, you know it.

So why don't you try this exercise for two days. Yes, no more than two days.

Two days, and you are through.

I want to show you how often we are doing ourselves wrong, by putting ourselves down by our own words, our own mindset. 

Here is what you are going to do for the next two days:

You are not allowed to say words like maybe, I'll try, I'll see if I can manage, and so on.
Instead you say YES, I can or NO, I can't

Not only will this shape your results and change the way those around you see you. It also helps you become less stressed out. 


Because you don't have to make excuses. Either you can, or you can't. It's that simple for the next two days.