Maybe it's something else that makes you want to change your career

Uncategorized Jan 25, 2020

Have you thought of that you wanting to change your career might be a substitute for something else?

You know... It might be! Just like it was for a customer of mine a few months ago.


I will not mention my customer's name, what course she participated in — or what her dream was really all about.

What I will share with you is this:

I had been in contact with her for more than a year before she jumped on to one of my courses. I really liked this woman. She was so full of energy, so full of dreams — and she had many of the same values as myself when it came to family, children, hobbies and work.

So when I saw her name in the list of participants on a course I had created, I felt really excited! I could finally work with this woman!



I also have to admit that I was really curios where she would end up. I knew from we spoke the first time that she wanted to change her career to something totally opposite of what she did when we talked the first time. And when I mean totally opposite, I mean T O T A L L Y opposite. 

Like night VS day, like sun VS rain,  like... yes, you see the picture. 

As she went through my online course, something happened. She knew it the whole time. But she didn't see it herself. Or, she wouldn't admit it to herself.

She didn't want to change her career. She really liked what she was doing. As she went on with the questions in my online course, she found out that what she thought would be her dream career was actually something she wanted to do on her days off.



What she really wanted was to have the opportunity do go on with her hobby, like a hobby. Not like a career.

What she wanted when it came to her career was, like I said:

The exact thing that she was already doing. But in a different environment.

That's it.

So she took the leap. She applied for the exact same job, but in a different state. And she got it. 

She moved her family to a new state to live out her dream. She could start all over. But with a new office view. With other colleagues. With a new  hope. 

I'm so proud of her. She knew it the whole time. But it was so hidden that she couldn't see it within herself.

But it was there the whole time. 

What she really wanted. What she really dreamed of.

A few days ago, I saw that she had posted a photo of her new home, of her new office building — and of herself doing her hobby.



I haven't felt this warm inside for a long time. It really warmed my heart seeing that she did what she really wanted.

She did the work to find out what she really wanted. And she went all in.

What if she had changed her career without doing the work needed!? Without finding out what she really wanted deep inside of herself!?

So here's to all of us.

All of us who think we know what we want. We must never just think that we want something.

We need to do the work to look inside ourselves — and find out what the issue is all about.

Just so we can live the life we deserve. Just so we can live the life we really (REALLY) desire.