Create Your Dream Career

Make the leap, and live the life you deserve and desire


Create Your Dream Career is THE perfect coaching program for those who want to make the leap – living a joyful life in harmony with a career which they love so much. 

...A career where they also hit their income goals, of course!

Maybe you have a career that others would die for (okay, maybe I exaggerate a bit with the «die-word») – earning a decent amount of money…

But honestly, lets face it: Is it worth it? You are lying awake thinking about how completely fed up you are with your job. You drive home from work with your shoulders higher up than your ears – begging yourself not to let your frustration hit your family the minute you get back home…. You can’t stay in your job for one more day, but you have no clue how to make the leap… Then Create Your Dream Career is for you!

After our time together your are READY to Claim Your Dream Career. Your mindset is ready, your fear and uncertainty are gone. You have the answers you need to make the right choices. You have gained clarity, and become ready to reap. Ready to live the life you deserve and desire!


Dear Career Seeker,

I know you are heart centered and a helper.... You yearn for a life full of purpose, joy and abundance – and a career that lets you live that kind of life.
…Waking up in the morning – excited because you know you have THE best career, and you make good money on it too!
…But today you have no idea how to make the leap. You are afraid to let anyone down – or being made a fool of because you made a wrong transformation.
Your life seems to pass by. You freak out at home because of all the stress at work. You want to spend time with your family, but instead you are yelling at them the second you can...

All you want is an exciting job where you are happy and not stressed out. A job that gives you enough time AND money to live THE LIFE YOU DESERVE & DESIRE!



• having a whole new career
• a job that brings you happiness and joy
• living an abundant life
• spending time with your family and friends
• surrounding yourself with kind and positive people
• waking up in the morning craving for a new day
• 5-star Assertiveness

And most of all:
…Living the life you deserve & desire

The problem is:

You are completely fed up with your career, but don’t know how to make the leap!

Maybe you:

  • are afraid to let your family or colleagues down?
  • have a good education, and feel that it’s stupid not to use it?
  • are afraid you’re making a fool out of yourself?
  • have no idea how to make the leap?
  • are sick of worry about if you are going to make it?
  • are afraid you mess up your family and your life with making a shift?

If you can’t take it anymore, your frustration goes beyond yourself, it’s time to roll up the sleeves


Let’s give you your life back – and get you your Dream Career.


My friend...

– Don’t give up on your dream – it’s out there waiting for you. Take my word for it!

– You can let go of your stress, you can let go of all your worrying if it’s worth it, and stop negotiating with your own mind about what it is you are meant to do.

– You can still be a helper – but without being completely stressed out..


My name is KARINE EINANG and I’m here to guide you, so that the only time you need to negotiate until your head is on fire is when your teenager wants to stay out late!

As a 6-figure entrepreneur and Career Transformation & Mindset Coach, I help other passionate people find their new career – in a market that match the life they desire. I've made a total career transformation myself, from being an HR Manager to a Fire Chief, until I landed with both my feet safe on the ground – with the career of my dreams.

And I know exactly where you are right now.

I'm the co-author best-selling book «The Recipe For Success» with Jack Canfield, and do you guess what I'm talking about in that book? ...The importance of claiming our Dream Career so that we can live the life we deserve & desire!



When I was completely fed up, and couldn’t stay a DAY longer in my job, I had a vision of having a career that matched my desire. Where I could go home from work with more energy than a young woman who had just fallen in love. Where I could be the mother my kids needed, and the wife my husband deserved. Where I could live in two countries so I could be close to my family who are living on two different continents. And of course – where I earned the same amount of money as I did in my earlier jobs as a leader (or lets be real: EARNING MORE!)


But, the truth is, I didn’t know what to do... Where to start
- what my mission really was
- and how I could manage to pay the bills if it didn’t work out

Yes, I made great money (a bit more than $100K a year)
Yes, I’d worked hard and was the leader for more than 80 men as a fire chief.
Yes, I was in charge in large crises, like big accidents and large fires.

All the while I was stuck in a career where I simply wasn't making the difference I wanted. Which for somehow can seem a bit strange, all the time it was an important job in the society... But the truth was - I felt that my job was in charge of my life – not the other way around. My hands were tied…

In my downtime I attended several programs to find answers, but none of these matched my worries and questions. They hadn’t walked in my shoes...

I felt so confused. So tired. I didn’t know what to do. How I could keep my head over the water.


One day I collapsed at work, because of all the stress: I couldn´t breathe, I was dizzy. I really can´t remember much, because my head wasn´t working. I woke up in the hospital…


So, in the end I had to make a big decision. I had to go that extra mile to learn everything I now know about making a thriving career transformation – and I did! I read all the books that could give the answers, I did all the research. I took more courses and worked harder than I had ever done through my three bachelor degrees and other education I had taken. But I started to see everything so much clearer. I ended up having the key to a successful transformation – and it felt much better than winning the lottery (for me it felt like I was in possession of the winning ticket…)



Fast Forward To 2019:


* live the life I desire

* have a so much better relationship with my family, because I don’t just focus on all the problems back at work

* enjoy quality time with my two children and my precious grandson (I feel so «grown up» saying I have a grandson. Hey, I’ve just turned 43!)  

switch my days between two countries on different continents (where my loved ones live) – Okay, let´s face it; I love being an entrepreneur!

* take care of myself, and do all the stuff that I had no energy for back then – when I was completely stressed out and couldn’t find a way out

* and last, but not least: enjoy the company of the love of my life and «partner in crime».


I know how you’re feeling. I don’t want you to reach rock bottom as I did. Instead, I want you to experience the freedom and time we all deserve; The freedom I now have!

... waking up each morning full of excitement for your new career

... enjoying the freedom that comes from having a job that doesn’t eat you up from the inside out

…having a great relationship with your loved ones because you don’t use all your energy and focus on the job you are so sick and tired of

... and to feel the difference in ALL areas of your life, thanks to your transformation


Most people who dream about making the leap over to a new career starts searching for the right answers. They often lean on people that are close to them – and who are afraid that they will do something stupid.

This results is despair and more stress, because it all seems so overwhelming and scary.

So, they make it tougher than it has to be – and continue to just dream.

Here’s the clue: Their mindset is blinding them! When an opportunity to make the leap comes their way, they start wondering...

  • “What if it doesn’t work out...?
  • “Am I being selfish...?
  • “I’m not a person that sets my family in a bad financial situation...

But hey – NOT you! You're a person who wants the best for your family and for yourself – and with that comes making the changes that you have to.

You’ve got your life and job experience. You have your education. Even though it doesn’t match your new career path – It doesn’t mean it’s worthless! It’s valuable knowledge, and it’s a part of who you are.


I don’t want you to keep suffering like I did – for me it almost cost me my family and my life (but that’s another story. I will tell you another time). So I’ve put together CREATE YOUR DREAM CAREER!

What can I expect from Create Your Dream Career?

In this 4 month premium coaching program, I’ll lovingly guide you into experiencing a phenomenal personal and professional transformation. You’ll achieve the kind of development that’s only available when I guide my clients hand in hand…

The program has also an extended version. I will tell you more about it when we get in contact,

After our time together your are READY to Claim Your Dream Career. Your mindset is ready, your fear and uncertainty are gone. You have the answers you need to make the right choices. You have gained clarity, and become ready to reap. Ready to live the life you deserve and desire!

And the best part is that you get this coaching whether you’re located in USA, Canada or any other country in the world. As long as you have your computer filled up with batteries – I’m right here on the other side!

My clients work with me because of my experience and sincereness. I love my clients – they are so heart centered, kind and willing to transform. Maybe they don’t realize it themselves in the beginning – that’s normal. It’s because of their high stress level and overthinking – they don’t quite understand it when I tell them…  BUT THEY ARE THE BEST!

The modules / lessons:

Things that seem so obvious – can often be the hardest part. Unfortunately. That’s why we so often don’t dare to make that shift we’re longing for. 

Okay – let’s do this! Let’s start where we should – back to basic!

This module is the foundation of your transformation. After this module you will be clear on WHY it’s important for you to make the leap. What could be the result of you procrastinating your dream of switching career…? I’ll guide you during your answers.

Desire.. It’s such a beautiful word. We all have a desire. Even though we’re not quite sure what OUR desire really is… We have some «want’s», some dreams – but are they really our DESIRES? The ONE THING we could walk over mountains to claim? In this lesson you will get to know yourself from a joyful angle. We are going to dig deep down in stuff like «what makes you happy – and why?». Maybe you thought you had something you desired, but when you start this journey you see that it’s not really YOU. I will also teach you why your desire is the key to a job you love – in the long run. All this so you can find the right career that matches the life you desire…

This module is going to be a mindblower! It was for me! Like all of us, you have your own values in life. Did you know that some of them are probably that little «devil» on your shoulder – witch drags you in the completely wrong direction? …So you end up where you are today – just more stressed and confused than ever before. Therefore, with my guiding you will give yourself a new set of values – that will lead you right where you want to go!

An essential part of the program is helping you get the mindset you need to take the leap. Fear is our biggest enemy – but you know what? It can become our best friend! …If we do the right things in the right order.

We will dig deep down in how you will reach your goals with the special kind of mindset. This is an oh so important part of the program – and I know you will be BLOWN AWAY with the knowledge. For me – my mindset, together with procrastination, was what held me back. When I got the rights tools and teachings everything shifted! I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am for learning the secrets behind this lesson! …And now you will learn what I learned! I promise you – this module will help you in SO MANY WAYS! For me – I even got rid of my PTSD! Just saying!

We are going to get rid of all the clutter!!! Remember: little strokes fell great oaks… We don’t want a trifle to be that little thing that destroys your opportunity to live the life you desire! Right?

So in this module I’m going to be your support when you are going to do some "cleaning". We start with your closet and work our way through your other postponements. When your office or your closet at home is a mess, it's «impossible» to have a clear mindset!

Let's get to work!

The word says it all… Goals is everything – but we have to learn how to set the right ones, the ones that are aligned with our purpose and values. And not at least – we have to learn how to REACH them without feeling like an overworked and super stressed career woman… After all: you have a mission, and that is to reach your desire!

Something so simple – but yet so frustrating. We have to plan our transformation in a specific order, and have focus on the «right» things. Otherwise we end up with everything but results. You will learn valuable lessons, like how to find the right resources, and how to take actions that are needed to step out. I will teach you how planning is vital for change – and how you, by using the right techniques, will use a LESS AMOUNT OF TIME to reach your goals. We´re not meant to grind, grind, grind to get where we deserve to be. Remember: You have a life to live as well…


Success is not only about how good we are at our job. A crucial part of succees is how we act in front of other people. And how we get perceived. I don’t care if a person is doing a phenomenal job – as long as he or she is an ***** So hey! Are you ready? We´re going to make some successful fires! You will lovingly be given the tools you need to step up in the game! Be prepared lady!

Ok.. Are you ready to spread your wings and fly? I know you will LOVE this module. It’s all about taking care of yourself in the process. Sounds great, yeah? I just love, love, love it!!!

In 4 short months with me, you'll get:


  • Every week you get a new module to work on. It’s video and workbooks with exact step by step guidance for you. You can go back in the modules if you feel to.
  • Access to Karine’s uniqe Systems and Structures –  including templates and joyful samples for everything you need to get where you want


  • A private and exclusive Facebook forum to connect with other women in your shoes. They are just like you – longing for a  career that matches the life they desire 
  • Additional access to Karine by posting your questions in your private Forum.


  • Welcome Call. This is a One-One Coaching call with Karine where we set your intentions for these months – and guide you through how you can reach out when you need our guidance.
  • Once a week you and Karine will have a 1:1 call to make sure that you are on the right track. Karine promised you she would guide you step by step, right? From A to Z...
  • Full Email Access to Karine for 4 months. Submit your questions directly to her for personalized and lovingly support.
  • One Weekly LIVE group Q&A sessions where you will receive one-one coaching with Karine to address your unique desire – and how to get it.


  • Exclusive access to questions that other likeminded have asked Karine
  • Extra trainings in how to ACT to reach your goals – from videos to checklists
  • Private members portal where all live training and Q&A calls are uploaded for your access the time we work together.

"Karine is a great, intelligent and helpful person, i truly recommend her coaching."

Las Vegas, NV

"Karine is such a great soul. She is so empathetic, calm and clear. It is so amazing to work with her."

Munich, germany

"Karine is insightful & caring. She is really dedicated to the success of her clients."

Memphis, TN

"Karine understands the person as a person, and helps you dig out of where you are now and get on the way to way better place! Karine is a safe pair of hands and a kind heart on the journey."


"Karine is wonderful! She is patient, warm, and knows exactly what you need to hear to make a difference in your life!"

Comox, Canada

"Karine is amazing! She is the coach you need to take your career to the next level. She will give you the guidance and motivation you deserve. Thank you so much for everything!"

Tampa, FL

"Sometimes when you are not sure what can work for you with your carer all it takes is to let someone on the outside pair the picture for you. Thank you Karine."

Melbourne, Australia

"Karine gave me precise solutions on how to deal with challenges. She has wide experience, so that the examples she puts up are easy to recognize. She took my needs serious. Thank you!"


"Karine is engaged in us, she uses enough time and takes good care of us. She adjusts the course material to our needs. Very positive that we got different templates to use in our work :-)"


"Very happy with a smiling, engaged and motivating coach. Information that would otherwise be boring, becomes exciting and interesting when Karine presents it."


But, hey! That's not all! You'll also get these valuable bonuses:



Create Your Dream Career Graduation book (Value $497)

This must-have graduation book is my gift to you after you’ve gone through this program. It’s full of my own experiences and how I made it from beeing completely stressed out, ending up with PTSD – to have a career which I LOVE (thank God!). It gives me opportunity to LIVE the way I was meant to. It’s the manual that you whish you’ve had – and when you have it –  you can’t live without it! It’s all yours when you have graduated from the program!

Whenever you have doubt about your self, come back to this book. It covers all you need to have a steady course towards your dream career.

The book is a little program itself, with important sheet sheets, exerecises, guidance, and everything you need to create your dream career – and stay in that mode.

I’m so excited and humble to have the opportunity to give you this graduation gift when you finish!



Create Your Dream Career – manifestation book (Value § 397)

Yes! You are going to have your own digital manifestation book!! How cool is that?! Where you put in your dreams, your desire – and the road to get there. You will love watching this book together with your grandchildren when the time is ready (… or see the big difference just a year from now). The book helps you not forget the steps you made to get where you are. I love my manifestation book, and now I’ve made one for you as well!



What happens after you register for this coaching program?

When you register, a confirmation will be sent to your mailbox. In this confirmation you will find your login details to your platform, some other details – and a calender where you can schedule your welcome call!

As soon as you enroll in the program, you will receive a welcome packet – so you become fully prepared for the 2 months ahead. This includes tips on how to organize your time and start to prepare for a mindset that ease your success.

You will be in good hands. We offer monday-friday support on the techniques. If you need other help regarding the program, send us an e-mail – and we’ll be there by your side!

I would be happy working with you on your journey towards the life you deserve & desire – and your DREAM CAREER!

Ready to claim the career of your dreams?


To give my coaching clients all the support they need – I just open 10 spots each month.


Register NOW before the seats are full!

In this program you will be lovingly guided towards your career transformation – so you can start living the life you deserve & desire!

You’ll receive the optimal combination of support, brainstorming and education, so you become prepared for your career transformation!  

You’ll get the guiding and support needed to make the leap. I’ve made my own transformation – and I know the DOS/DON’TS.

When you take sincere action, you’ll manifest a career and life that matches your desire

You will have time to LIVE while you make your transformation

Your family will have a mother and a wife who is more dedicated and present


You’ll get to follow your bliss – that’s what we’re here for, right?

In these four months you’ll get more than information and teaching. You'll experience a transformation which allows you to make that leap.

You´ll get the tools you need to get that career where you wake up in the morning craving for a new day!

...which lets you be the family member and nice person you want to be.

You’ll leave this program knowing that YOU can transform to Create Your Dream Career!

A career transformation is within your reach if:

  • you’re ready to fuel your desire and live your dreams by creating a life and career you love!
  • you are a nice person who want to be towards others the same way you want them to be towards you
  • you are fed up with your career – and now you are ready to do the work, so that you can make the leap.
  • you understand how important it is to follow the coaching you receive to get the results you want
  • you’ve learned that your thoughts and actions are highly linked to your success.
  • you’re humble and kind – but often feel opposite because of your despair.
  • you are «desperate» to get a fresh start
  • you dream about having an equilibrium between your career and your private life


Admit that you’re just not ready yet if:

  • you’re lazy. If that’s the case – let’s make it real: You’re not ready to live the life you desire. When the pain of being where you are is harder than the pain of your transformation – THEN you´re ready!
  • you’re a procrastinator, even if you get the right resources and tools to get rid of it!
  • you’re skeptical to coaching and the importance of having the right mindset. I can’t use my time to convince you, because I know how essential these factors are to get where we want to be.
  • you’re afraid to interact online or in Facebook groups. I’m sorry – but that’s how we work so we can guide our customers – whether they stay in New York or Copenhagen.
  • you’d rather just want to stay where you are today – and don’t want to know the secrets to a transformation – both regarding your career and personal life


You can keep walking on your own... Wondering:

  • where to start
  • what to do next
  • what your new career should be
  • how to clear your mind
  • IF you’re going to make it
  • if it will give you the income you need to live the life you desire
  • how to make space for your personal life
  • how to act – and plan

..and trying to figure out how you can work on your mindset to:

  • continue this stressful situation that tears you apart – and which doesn’t align with who you want to be

Or you can put an end to struggling and wondering – and join my program, where I’ll guide you into:

  • getting a mindset that will get you ready for a transformation
  • taking care of yourself in the process
  • learn what could be the result of you procrastinating your dream
  • teach you why your desire is the key to a job you love – in the long run
  • with my guiding you will give yourself a new set of values – that will lead you right where you belong
  • having «laser focus» on the valuable things, so that you reach your goal as fast as possible
  • getting that career where you’re waking up in the morning craving for a new day!
  • having a career that matches the life you desire

I guess you have some questions..?

From you register until you have graduated it takes four month. You will get access to a new modul each week. We have Q&A on Tuesdays. You schedule your welcome call and your private coaching sessions in our calender, which you get a link to in our welcome mail.

No problem. All our QA’s are recorded so you can watch them whenever you have time and energy. The best part with having them recorded, is that you can watch them over again as well – if you feel like you need to.

No No No, It’s not more difficult then using your facebook and other internet programs. If you need help – just email us for support, and we guide you through it.

YES! With this program you will learn so much about yourself – and your desire. Maybe after all – you feel like you have the best career already! You just needed some insights and learning. The important thing is that you are willing to learn – and get the right tools to have the life you desire, right?

This is a one-of-a-kind program – made from my heart, so that no other women have to reach the bottom like I did – ending up with PTSD and collapsing at work. I’ve made a career transformation from being an HR Manager to a Fire Chief, and now a 6-figure entrepreneur and Career Transformation Coach. I honestly can say that I live the life I desire, and now I want to help you do the same. I will use all my expertice and education to lovingly guide you through the program.

In the program we start where you are today. It’s not a «one size fits all-program». It can’t be!!! My clients are all different, with different background, different mindset and different goal, right?

Throughout the program you will learn so much about yourself, strategies and mindset – so that you KNOW you make the right decision! This program is filled with examples and stories – just so you can feel that you’re not alone. It’s so helpful in the process (tell me about it!)

From redefining your values, to working on your mindset, planning, desire, goals, overcoming challenges and negative people – and how to get there, Karine will be there by your side. All the way where you are today – to where you want to be 4 months ahead. Of course it's important to add a disclaimer to say your results using this program may vary and are not guaranteed. Your results will be based on many variables, from personal qualities to effort.


Yes there is. At the time of your order, you will see the available payment plans listed in the order form.

No worries – That’s OK! If you have any additional questions, just write us an email! [email protected]. I'd love to hear from you.

Whenever you need customer service – We’re glad to help!
Never feel like the question is silly or unimportant. If it's important to you, it's important to us!
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