You could have these revenue numbers yourself!

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2019


I'm so excited for this week's blog post! Why? Because it can give you the "push" you need to create a career that makes you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face. 

Just so you can let go of the feeling of "ohhh no, not one more day at this horrible job" when the alarm goes off in the morning.


You see. This week I want to do something different. I want to give you examples of different careers you might not have thought of. I want to give you examples of how to make money, when you want to live that so called "laptop lifestyle", and how you can use your experience to help other people!!! 

I know!! It's a bit different than my regular blog posts, so please give me feedback on what you think!



I have to start with a disclaimer! It's not like I can promise you that if you take 1 plus 1  you will get 2... Like if you choose "this" career and you add "this" experience of yours, then you will get "that" amount of monthly income.

That's not how it works. I know you know that, but I just need to make that disclaimer anyway. Just in case!
(Remember where I'm from. I've had my years in the fire department. A place where we do our risk analysis 24/7).


But let's get to it!

I'm excited to share some examples with you, and I'm sure you are excited to get some inspiration and some good ideas!


Example no. 1:

Let me call this woman in example no. 1 by the name "Brenda". You see, Brenda was the name of this woman who had this amazing voice. Brenda Lee... Have you heard of her? I remember my parents listening to her as we drove on our yearly road trips to my grandparents every summer.

Let's say that Brenda has been a single mother for 4 years. She has had to do everything  on her own these years. She has experienced a rough divorce, whereafter she had to put it together and stay strong for her children and for herself. She has learned so much about herself, about being a single parent, and how to organize a life as the only grown up in the household.

I wish I had someone like Brenda when I was a single mom. Someone who had walked the walk before me. Someone who could teach me what to do in specific situations, someone who could teach me all the traps I could have ended up in...



What if Brenda makes a membership site for likeminded women? She would not need to say goodbye to her regular job in the beginning. Why? That could be stressful, not knowing if the income will arrive the next month... And the next.

Let's say Brenda makes this membership site. Every week she makes new content that can help other single parents. Every week she also goes live on the membership site's Facebook group to answer questions from the members in her new community.

Wow! Think of what impact Brenda will make! Helping those who are feeling defeated, afraid, anxious or curious about what's to come.

So... Let's talk some numbers! Say that Brenda charges 19 dollars every month from each member. Not a huge amount of money, but this is something she can work on later on.

Let's say that 50 people join her community the first month. That will be $ 950 revenue for the first month. 

After 6 month she have total of 250 people in her community. That's $ 4750 monthly revenue! Now we start talking!

When Brenda sees that this is something she loooooves to do, she has a steady monthly revenue, then Brenda quits her daily job AND starts living the "laptop lifestyle" she desires!

If she is worth it? YES! She's is!


Example no. 2:

Let me call this woman in example no. 2 by the name "Kristine". The reason for this is that this is my daughters name. I want to use her as an example even if she doesn't do what I'm going to explain to you know (well... maybe she will after reading this blog post, though!)

Kristine moved to the US from Norway about two years ago. She was all alone, moving in with the love of her life, Anthony. (Anthony is a really nice gentleman from New Jersey, now Kristine's husband and father to their charming little son, Noah).


Paul and I are visiting Kristine in St. Petersburg, Florida for the first time after she moved down


Even if Kristine had been studying in New York a year upfront, it was scary moving all alone to a whole new country. Far away from her family and friends in Norway. Far away from her regular food, traditions and seasons (Kristine moved to Florida with Anthony).

We all know that Kristine is not the only person who moves to a completely different country. She is not the only one having home sickness, hard time finding new friends, speak a different language or (how strange it may sound) have someone with the same sense of humor. You know.. The Norwegian viking humor.

What if Kristine made a 6 week online course for likeminded? Where they could learn how to deal with home sickness, anxiety, depression and other bad emotions that comes along with moving so far away from what's known.

(Kristine has her education within NLP coaching, and focus a lot upon fears, mindset and mind blocks).

She could teach likeminded what feelings are normal in a situation like that, tips on how to meet likeminded, the importance of eating healthy and being consistent when it comes to not eat crap and stay up late because of the sorrow they feel due to losing their "identity".

So... Let's talk some numbers!

If Kristine had done all the work around "back to basic", learned to know her ideal customer down to "the naked truth" and being consistent on helping them, she could have this revenue from the first round selling her 6 week course:

120 customers from all over the world who now live in a completely different country than they are used to. (Not the hardest thing finding 120 people who could become her ideal customers in a world of 7.7 billion  people...) 



Then Kristine will charge $ 349 for this 6 weeks course. That means that she will have a course revenue of 41.880 based on one single 6 weeks course!

You see?! By playing with numbers and what skills and experience each and every one of us have within us, it's not so unaffordable as we might think when we have it "up to here"!

So go out there and start playing with numbers, with your skills, experience and your passion, and you will see that you will get some great ideas yourself!

In the meantime, you can download this free visualization sheet, just so you can get your dreams down on paper:

Visualization Sheet