Uncategorized Mar 26, 2019

Don’t you just love positive headlines like this?

I do!



Since I’m going to talk about something as positive as finding peace within yourself today, I got this positive and energetic feeling inside!


And with a positive feeling came a positive headline… A win-win situation!

Like attracts like, remember?


...Okay, let’s talk about today's topic.

About finding peace within yourself. About making a decision when it comes to your career, and not least: let’s talk about how your stress level will decrease when you finally make your decision.


Are you ready?

Let’s dive in!


...Think of yourself back then. When you had just turned 16. 


You knew there was a party next weekend, but you didn’t know if you got invited. That is something that was stressful, and a situation filled with a lot of different feelings.

Or you wanted to date a specific boy, but you didn’t know if he was interested… That was stressful, right? (even if we didn't use words like «stressful» back then).


When you got your invitation to the party, and you got invited out by the boy you were so madly in love with… your stress level decreased. And you felt that your self-confidence got much much higher, right? It almost sky rocketed!


It’s the same feelings that start to dance around in you as an adult. An adult, desperately wanting to do something else with your life. But you don’t know what to do or where to start.

«Should I do it? Should I go for my dream? Is this really my dream?» 

Feelings like these are really stressful, right? You don’t find many positive headlines in times like that, do you? No…


Then think back at your younger days. When you had made a decision on something. Whether it was going to a specific party, wearing some specific clothes… When you had made your decision, your stress level decreased. Boom! Just like that!


Whenever you have made a decision, both nowadays and back in the days, your stress level will decrease. You will feel better. You will be more calm, and you will see the joy instead of the irritation within.


Remember this: It’s not like you have to rush all in, change all your routines, change your job, or move to another state. No, you are not going to rush in like that. You can't rush in like that. Why? Because you have a responsibility for yourself and those around you. Step by step, remember? 

Do it step by step. Do the things in the right order. Find out what really makes you smile. Just that single decision will help you lower your shoulders. 


It will. Take my word for it!