Uncategorized Apr 07, 2020

Truth bomb coming right here…
Yes, you read it. And I mean it.
You shouldn’t always follow your gut feeling.
You see.. sometimes it messes it all up. Big time.

Let me explain, so you don’t think I have freaked out.

Your gut feeling reacts on your feelings, right? On your belief system.

For example:
You know it’s dangerous to eat a plate with sand, so your belief system tells you that you will get very ill if you eat a whole plate of white sand from the beach you are sunbathing at right now. Your belief system controls your emotions. And your emotions…. yes, they are your gut feeling. You see?

To transform that thought to creating a new career. To make that shift from where you are today to where you want to go…

Your emotions will tell you that you have to be careful. That this is something scary. At the same time, your emotions will tell you that you would feel less stress with a new career. You would feel more joy and happiness, because you start doing something you love to do, right?

But since this is something new, your emotions regarding fear and worry take control.

Your belief system will tell you to «be careful! This can be something bad!» …and guess what: your gut feeling will tell you to stay right where you are today. Not to do anything else. Because right now, as the feelings and the belief system is talking, they say «NO NO NO», and then your gut feeling has to say that as well. It must say that!

If you don’t listen to your gut feeling this time. If you do the research yourself (first), before taking a new conversation with your gut… Then you might end up where you deserve to end up… With your dream career.