Why it's crucial to have the right mindset

Uncategorized Apr 20, 2020


Your brain is the organizer and the control room of your body. It doesn’t need you or anyone else to take care of it. You can look at your brain as a "Master". It's the one that gives you new ideas. It thinks, and it solves your problems. 


You can use your brain to help you with “everything”.  That's something, right!?

Therefore, it’s crucial that you have the right mindset. Your mind needs the right food! (Of course, it also needs water and vitamins etc., but that’s a different story).



It’s not like we can work on our mindset for one week, and then we’re good to go. 

Keeping a healthy mindset requires consistency. Again – it’s just like eating healthy food or exercise. Think of a top athlete. He or she has to be consistent, otherwise he or she will not win. 

That is how it is with our mindset as well – consistency is key. Nothing more, nothing less.


But what about my mind blocks?

Well... Your mind blocks are made by YOU and nobody else. You can't blame it on the brain
I don’t say that it’s your fault that you have those mind blocks either. You may have gotten them from being bullied at your work, or from what you have learned in your childhood.
But today it’s only you who can get rid of them and start all over.



Therefore I say that they are made by YOU, and only YOU can get rid of them. 

…And you will.

When you understand how they slow you down, how they limit you and how they prevent you from doing what is right for you and your loved ones — then you will do all it takes to get rid of them.

You know that your mindset can prevent you from claiming a new career. …And we want you to have a career that is worthy.

You want a career that gives you energy instead of draining you. That makes you feel fulfilled and makes you do what you love.  



There are tons of mind blocks that can stop you from getting where you want to go. Like your beliefs or your surroundings, to mention some. Other mind blocks can be self-sabotage, your past or unhappiness 


What can help you is the Even If-Mindset

We often dwell on things that go wrong, or things that could go wrong.

I want you to shift your mindset to “what is to come” instead.

When you shift your focus from things that can go wrong to what you can do next, or what positive that can come — you are already a winner.

Then you already manage the game.


You see:

Problems or things that can go wrong are like a bad disease. There are so many people out there who bury themselves in what can go wrong. It almost seems like they love it! They actually don’t, but their mindset is a negative one… They are so afraid of what's to come. 

Every single time you get your mind blocks; “What if it goes wrong?” “What about this, and what about that…?” tell yourself that even if you are feeling like you do right now, you will do what you can to find a solution.

Even if!

Creating this Even If- mindset has helped me through countless challenges over the years. I would like to encourage you to try it out if you haven't already!

I know it can help you build the right mindset... The mindset you need – right here, right now.


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