Why Building A Career Based On Your Life Purpose Is Crucial

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2019


We often want a new career because we don’t like where we are right now. We want to earn more money and have more freedom to do what we love.


But you will never be happier or feel more fulfilled and aligned with your values, if you don’t follow your life purpose.  


Let me tell you a story:

When I started out, I did what I was good at. What I knew. Which was leadership training and fire preventing. I earned a good deal of money on it.

But I didn’t follow my purpose. And what I did was not aligned with my values in life.

 So I started to procrastinate. I started being stressed out again, and I was on the same «train» I had been on earlier, working as a fire chief. I was going around in circles. 



What I figured out was this:

When you learn what your life purpose really is, you will go all in. You start to see the possibilities and not all the things that can go wrong.

You will not procrastinate. Trust me. You won't. Becauses you are so dedicated to what you do.

By not procrastinating, you will get things done. And being stressed out becomes a word that is not longer in your vocabulary. You will love what you do, and your job will not feel like a job. It will feel like a fun hobby you love to do!


When you follow your life purpose, your customers will feel it. They really will. It’s written all over your face, and on what you deliver that you do this with passion. With joy. People will follow you and they will trust you. None of us will trust people we see and feel don’t love what they do, right?


...Aaaaand we all want more energy, right? By following your life purpose, you will gain more energy. You will look forward to what’s to come. And by gaining more energy you will get more things done. And by getting things done????? You will earn more money to live the life you really deserve AND desire.



Rough times come. For all of us. When you have a career that you «just have» because it’s convenient, because you do something you’re good at, or something safe that you earn a great deal of money on – trust me... you will not follow through. This is especially for those of you who want to have your own business. Being your own boss, so you can be in charge of your own schedule and time. That is hard from time to time. But when you do what you're passionate about, you follow your life purpose – you will stand in the storm. And you will succeed. Because you know why you do what you do, you know you have to stick through, you follow your «why», and the next steps you need to take will not feel like a burden but a blessing.


Let me also tell you a big secret...

When you build a career based on your life purpose, things will come natural to you.

You will not have to do as hard work as you naturally would have to do. Things flow, if I make myself clear. New opportunities come your way because you do the right things in the right order. It might sound like magic, but it’s not. It’s just how it is.

Where I could spend hours on writing a blog post, or coming up with ways to do things in the past, ideas just come to me naturally now that I have found my life purpose and follow that though out everything I do. I don’t spend hours dweilling on things. I just do it. Because I know it’s true. You will feel it the same way.

You will understand which step to take next.. and next...


Bob Proctor once said:

People who are interested in something will do it when I’s CONVINIENT. People who are COMMITED will do it NO MATTER WHAT! That is an important key!!!!

You will get commited to what you do when you know it’s the purpose of your life. You will go in, no matter what!

Before this week's episode ends, I just want to address a thing I feel sad about. I feel sad when people say they live for the weekends. They have two out of seven days every week that they live for.... That is not how we should live this short life. We should live for EVERY SINGLE day. We should wake up every single morning craaaaaving for the new day. And we will. When we have a career based on our life purpose.



I have enclosed one of my freebies to this blog post today. Because I know it can inspire you to take your very own next step. It has helped more that 1200 people, and I really hope it can inspire you as well:

A day In Your Life  


I look forward to follow you on your very own journey towards the life you deserve and desire.