When Working From Home is Your Only Choice

Uncategorized Apr 14, 2020


In these days with the new virus going on, we see something happening. For some people, working from home is the only choice. 

For many of us it's a new world. We have to come up with new ways of doing our work and planning our days.


For myself I'm used to have both online and offline courses. That means that I get a mix of working from where I want on my laptop, and also meeting engaging students through my courses. I'm also used to do consulting/coaching offline.

When I suddenly had to just work from home on my computer I found myself in my pyjamas almost 24/7.

Or to be precise, when I had my Zoom meetings I got dressed 50% (....that means that my pyjamas trousers were still on, but what my meeting participants saw on their computer, was the other 50%: A dressed up Karine).

So last week I had to make some changes. I made myself a solid plan.  You can find the plan right here:


It was not a big shift. Just small things, but it really impacted my efficiency and work ethic. 

And if it's something we need right now, it's both efficiency and work ethic
...And a new pyjamas. 
For the weekends.