When everything you feel is stress, anxiety and anger…

Uncategorized Mar 12, 2019

I was like that. That was how I felt.

At one point, the 3 words that could describe me the best was:… Stress, Anxiety and Anger.


Not the most positive words, right?


And being stressed out, anxious and angry was NOT ME.  It was not how I used to be.


You see, from I was a little girl I had always been the opposite. I had been a happy girl, the kind of girl (and later on the kind of woman) who saw my glass as half full. Not someone who saw her glass as half empty.



What happened? It’s a long story, so let me just give you the short version. 

It involved me getting PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), having a stressful work environment for years, before I finally «got my life back».


With getting back on track, I also traded my high stress level, my anxiety and anger, with joy and happiness.

You might think it sounds a bit «fluffy», but that was what it was. What it was for me.




When you are all stressed out, angry most of your time, when you are tired and anxious: That is a warning sign. It’s a BIG RED warning sign.



It’s your body telling you to wake up!

It’s your body and mind telling you to listen to yourself. Listen to your values, listen to  what you are really meant to do with your life, what your mission really is.

So often we don’t stop and take the time to listen to what or body and mind is trying to tell us. We just keep going. We play this game called «Life». The only problem is that we are playing the wrong character….



That’s what we all want, right? We want to have our life «on track». We want to wake up every single morning with a smile on our face. A big happy smile because we are excited for what is to come. And we deserve it!


We are here on this earth for a short amount of time. Why can’t we enjoy it while we’re around? We should, and we can!


What I would really encourage you to do when you feel that everything is dark and heavy, is to give yourself some time. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Give yourself time to do something you love. 


Nothing changes over night. Take one step at a time. Just One step. One single step.


You see, when you take that one step every single day, you will get closer to where you want to go. You will fast track your way to a career with joy and fulfillment. Away from the stress, the anxiety and the anger.


When you do something you like to do, something that gives you energy, you will also get closer to what it is you are meant to do. The ONE thing that boosts your energy. The ONE thing you could do without getting paid doing it. 



When you have found that ONE thing, your stress, anxiety and anger will disappear. Like a spell! it’s not just something I say, I’m a living proof of it!


If you don’t give yourself the time you need, you will still be running the hamster wheel. And you will never stop. You will never find what you are really meant to do. The more you stress, the faster you need to run to keep on track with the hamster wheel. To avoid the fall.


So, promise yourself that you are going to be kind to yourself. That you will do one little thing every single day that gives you energy. And with baby steps, you will get closer. Closer to where you want to be.