Whatever makes you mad, step away from it!

Uncategorized Mar 19, 2019

But so often we don't. We stay. We stay right where we are. Even if we feel that we are being torn apart.

Why is that, you think?


Let me tell you:
It’s because the human mind is afraid of the unknown...

Even If we are in a job that drains us, we stay.

Not a smart thing to do. Of course not.
But like I said, it’s how the human mind works...

But what If...

...What If you learned what you need to learn?

...What If you knew that you can go the steps needed, without risking everything you have?

...What If you knew that you could scale, but in a safe way?

Would it be easier to find your life purpose then?

Yes... It would.

When you know that you have it covered. When you know that you are taking the right steps. Then you can lower your shoulders. Again: that’s how the human mind works.

I know that when you have found what you are here on this earth to accomplish, then you will go for it.

You will follow that path. It will be so much easier for you. You will know your destination.
Knowing THAT, and knowing that you won't have to risk it all, you will find peace within.

Isn’t that what life is all about?


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