There is just one thing that makes your dreams impossible

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2020


We often have all these excuses why we can't follow our dreams. We blame the economy, our family, our background — and even our Facebook friends!

Yes, I'm not kidding. Even our Facebook friends.


You see, it's so much safer for us to be where we are right now than doing what it takes to make our dreams possible.

Why? It's human nature.

We want to be in the normal. In our safe spot. 

If we had just opened our eyes, we could see the big picture. Then we would see that it's just one thing that makes our dreams impossible.

And that one thing is our fear of failure



We are so afraid of failure that we come up with all these excuses, ending up back at the starting point. And it is our fears that are talking when we blame all the other factors, like the economy, our even our Facebook friends.

I blamed my Facebook friends. It's true! I did! I said that I couldn't go after my dream because it would confuse them in what my business was all about.

(.....And I had all these other excuses as well when it came to Facebook and other Social Media platforms.)

 The real obstacle was my fear of failure. Nothing more, nothing less.

And that goes for so many of us. 

Today, I'm beyond grateful for winning over that fear. Or to be more precise, to make that fear my ally.

If I hadn't, my new career would still be just a dream. I wouldn't be in charge of my own time, of my own schedule. 

I wouldn't have the opportunity to be with my daughter and grandson in the US when they needed me, or being as available as I am today here in Norway when my son or my parents need me.

If I just had this glass ball to show you.



...Then I could show you that all those things you tell yourself about why you don't do what you need — it's your fear of failure talking. I could also show you that you can live your dream if you do the right steps in the right order.

So promise yourself from this day forth never to blame the economy, your friends, your husband, your kids, or your boss anymore.

It's all up to you.

Only you can do what it takes to reach your goal. To make that dream of yours come true.

And me?

I will be right here cheering for you.

Because I know that you can.

I know that, even if I don't have my very own glass ball....