The Power of Visualization

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2019

So many of us would say that we stopped visualizing as we grew older. Do you agree? I don't.
Raise your hand if you would normally visualize any of the following:

  • the boring meeting you're about to enter this morning

  • a dinner party with that sneaky neighbor of yours

  • your needed weekend after a long week with a filled calendar


We all make those pictures in our minds. Both positive and negative ones. What's true is that as a child we had most positive pictures. As a child we thought we could become Superman or have a unicorn in our garage. Now we know that we can't, right?



As we grow older, our pictures become more of the negative ones. We make ourselves those negative pictures when it comes to our economy, our next meeting — or  the possibilities to get where we really want to go in our lives and our career.

That is so sad! But at the same time, it's so true!
Don't you agree?

Those pictures are our visualization.

If we had only used the power of visualization in a good way, we would be able to reach those goals we have. We would reach a better conscious level when it comes to ourselves, our goals, and those around us.
It could literally change our lives!

If we had only used it the good way, that is...



The POSITIVE thing about this is that you can change those negative pictures you have in your mind today, with positive ones.

You can start to use the power of visualization right here, right now.

All the top athletes out there use visualization as a part of their training. They use it to reach their goals! So why shouldn't you use it as well?

Let me give you three reasons why you should start visualize today to reach your goal:

  1. Visualization programs your mind to recognize the resources you need.
  2. It builds your motivation so that you will take the action steps needed.
  3. It activates your creative mind so that you will create ideas on what steps to take next (...and next).

It doesn't cost you a dime, and it won't hurt you. It will only make you feel better. So why don't you give it a shot?

There are a ton of ways to visualize. Back in your school days, you sat there looking out of the window, visualizing the next party, or your upcoming date. You can use the same technique today.

A really powerful way to fast-track your way to your goal is to use a vision board. That is a board filled with pictures, inspiring quotes, and so on, of what you want to accomplish. 



Let's say that you want to travel to Italy one day. You want to start your own business, you want to have a family of four, or you want to meet the love of your life. By placing pictures of these dreams on a vision board, it makes it so much easier for you to visualize the end result.

When you visualize your goal(s) as already accomplished, it will create a conflict in your subconscious mind. 
It might sound weird, but it's how our mind works. You see...

Our mind is built in a conflict-resolving way. This means that when it's a conflict between what we currently have and what goal we visualize as already accomplished, our mind needs to find ways to fix the gap between what we currently have and what we visualize as a fact. 

That is why we become more creative, get more ideas, or recognize what we need to actually reach our goal in "real life"!

That is the power of visualization!


A while ago I made this cheat sheet that will help you start visualize.

You can find it right here:

A good way to start visualizing!