Do you hate Mondays?

Uncategorized Jul 30, 2019

How often do you tell yourself that you can't wait for the weekend to arrive? ...And how often do you tell yourself how much you hate Mondays? Be honest! 


I so often hear people say things like that. I see it on Social Media and all other places. All the time.

It makes me sad. It shouldn't be that way.

Don't misunderstand me. I want for you to look forward to the weekend to arrive. I want you to  look forward to spending more time with your family, doing things you love, to sleep in, and just enjoy your life.

What makes me sad is knowing that there are so many of you who hate Mondays. Who get stressed out and angry when you know you have to go to work when Monday arrives. 

Just because you can't stand your job. You hate it. But you stay. Monday after Monday. Week after week. 



That is sad! You should look forward to Monday and a new week at work! You should look forward to meeting your colleagues and do what you love. What you're good at. What  you are meant to do. 

That is how it should be! Every single Monday!

Let me tell you a secret. Right here. Right now.

You can live a life where you look forward to Monday. Where you look forward to the next day at work. And the best part? You can even get more energy by going to work. 



When you have a job that is right for you. 

How would that feel? 

Having a job you love. A job that fuels you. A job that is fulfilling and joyful. Yes, a job that is right for you. Where you are right here, right now.



There is a job like that out there. Believe me. It is. What you need is knowing what kind of job that will give you feelings like that. Feelings of fulfillment and respect. Feelings of you being on the right track. On your track!

You need to find out what you would love to do. Not what you would earn good money on (although good money is a big plus). But what you would love to do. Every single day at work. You need to get rid of all your mind blocks. You know... Those that work against you. Every single day.

If you don't have a goal and a roadmap to guide you to your goal, you won't get there. Sorry, but you won't. You need a goal that is possible to reach. For you.

...And you need to plan. You need to start planning based on your goal. Call that an important part of your roadmap, if you will. It really is.

Life is too short to go on complaining, being stressed out, anxious and angry because you have a job that you don't like. 

I don't say that you can become an astronaut or brain surgeon if your expertise is accounting or sales. I don't say that you can become a fire fighter if you have back pains and aren't allowed to lift. 

What I say is that when you find your passion, when you get the right mindset, when you make a goal that actually sticks, and when you do your planning, you will be one of those who are looking forward to Monday. 

Just because you have a job you love.



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