Planning is like watering your plants. It's crucial!

Uncategorized May 14, 2019


What does the word «planning» mean you?

I don’t know how important planning have been for you earlier in your life, and in your career. Only you know.

Some people like to write their plans down, others like to just have them in their minds.

We are all different and must do what suit us best! What works for one person doesn’t have to work for her (or his) neighbor.


Planning is like watering your plants

Planning is just as important as water is for your plants. It’s crucial. It’s «everything»…



You have to have your plans in order.

You don’t want to have any big surprises during this period, when you are about to claim your dream career, would you?

Okay… positive surprises are great, but if we don’t plan like a pro, it’s more of the negative surprises we will meet on our way.

And we don’t want those kind of surprises.

We need to plan in order to know what steps we need to take, and to get that kick in the a** to actually take the steps needed.


Why you need to plan like a pro

Planning like a pro is a four step process. First you must identify the goals or objectives you want to achieve. Then it’s time to formulate the strategies you need in order to achieve your goal(s)It’s the daily, weekly, monthly and annual planning that leads you to the end of the line... That leads you to your goal. Number three…: Do the things you have planned for. The last step is to not rush in.

After you have done the things you have planned for that specific day or week, you take the next step, and then the next… Rome wasn't built in one day. Neither is the life you want to build for yourself and your loved ones.


Planning is absolutely vital for your transformation.

When something you didn’t think of suddenly happens, your plan will keep you on the right track.

It’s like a road and a roadmap. If one road is closed, you will need your map (or your GPS) to find out where you can go instead, in order to reach your destination.



It’s the same with your life and your career. If something happens, you might need to go in another direction. With your planning in order, it will be a great help in order to avoid stress and making those wrong hasty decisions.


But do I need a plan NOW?

This is a question you might ask... «Do I need to plan now? It’s seven months until I’m going to go from the job I’m in now – and until I claim my new career.» (if that is the case).

My answer is this: «YES!!! It’s vital!! You have to plan! You have to start planning today!»

I know you have other projects, you might have a job today where you have to plan, you have activities after work – and you might have a family you need to plan for as well.

It’s a lot of planning already…

Anyway: Do something every single day to reach your goal.

«Even on Sundays?» you might ask.

Yes, even on Sundays.

Of course; I don’t encourage you to do hard work 24/7. You need to relax as well. But some visualization, or some reading, is just as important as the rest of the tasks you do to reach your goal every single day.



Are you ready to start planning?! I'm here cheering on you!

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