How You Can Get a Six Figure + Income

Uncategorized Sep 26, 2019


I know you like to read inspirational tips on how to make a sustainable business!

Even if money shouldn't be "the thing", that golden ticket for starting your own business, we have to admit that it's an important factor...


If we don't earn a descent amount of money every single month, we start to freak out, and we loose interest. That's just how it is. Don't you agree?

I know you want to make a good deal of money on your new dream career. Just so you can do what you love, and take care of those you love as well.

Sooo... this blog post is a road map for how you can get a six figure annual income.

I'm so excited to inspire you with this post today!

This road map is how I made a multiple six figure company my first year in business. But before we start, I have to say that it's not certain that you will make six figures or more the first year in your business. I worked hard to reach multiple six figures my first year. If I could do that year over again, I would rather earn less, and work more on my strategies. It's not healthy to work too hard in the beginning. You could end up exhausted and wanting to end the business before it's even started for real! And that's not something we want, right?

I did three things my first year: making an online course, doing consultant work, and coaching.

If you ask me now, I'm not sure what I loved the most. Maybe making the online course! I was sitting up in our cabin in the Norwegian mountains, making the strategy and plan. Then I relaunched it two times that first year, with great feedback! (We all love to be praised, right?)


#1 Make an online course and relaunch it during the year

If you know what your ideal customer would love to learn, you can make an online course to help them out. It could be a week long course, a four week long, or to be more precise: It could be just as long as you know your ideal customer would need to learn what you are teaching. (And NO, you don't have to be a teacher by profession or skills to do this!)

Making an online course takes of course most time the first time you launch it. You have to come up with the foundation of the course, how to outline it, how to record it, and of course: how to market it so the right people will find it.

What I love most with online courses is that you can relaunch the same course over and over again! You will have to modify and re-do it a little, based on the feedback you get from your customers, but it's so fun!

Let's say you make an online course helping people how to get rid of the clutter at their home, how to home school their kids in an inspiring way, or how to survive a loss. Always keep in mind that people want to learn from someone who has walked the walk before them!

If the online course has a price of $197, and you get 150 customers the first time you launch it, you will end up with $29,550. Let's say you want to relaunch this course two times that year. For each time, you get more customers because of good reviews and feedbacks. 

  • In Launch #2 you get 268 customers, ending up with $52,796 (with the two launches you have now earned $82,346 on your course)
  • In Launch #3 you get 333 customers, ending up with $65,601 (with the three launches you have now earned $147,947 on your course that year)



#2 Do consulting work

This is something that takes more time, because you usually get paid hour by hour. (Making an online course is, the way I see it, an easier way to gain revenue).

But, anyway. Let's show you how you can get a six figure + income by doing some sort of consulting work!

First I have to make something clear. So many people think of consulting work in terms of engineering or other work in that area. But do you know how important a consultant is today?! Wow! If you are good with advertising, copy writing, making web sites, proof reading, etc. etc. this is your time! There are so many people who need you out there!

I see it all the time in the social media groups I'm in. People almost scream to get the right help from the right consultant.

Okay, let's get back to the numbers.... Let's say you charge $100 dollar an hour. If you work 30 hours a week, that will give you $12,000 every single month. I think it's more down to earth to say 30 hours a week instead of a full work week. It's not said that you will have your calendar full every single week in a month, right?

If we bring that thought a bit further, and say that you only work 10 months a year (because you get ill, want to travel or don't get clients for the last 2 months), you will end up with $120,000 year! That is something to celebrate, or what?!



#3 Coaching

There are a ton of ways for you to coach other people. You have group coaching, one-one coaching, you can get charged hour by hour, or for a specific coaching package. That is just a few ways...

I want to show you how you can do coaching packages

Let's say that you charge $3,500 for your coaching package (for example a 12 week service). You might say this as you read those numbers:

"I don't think anyone will pay me $ 3,500 for my help. I'm not sure I'm worth it, and I'm not sure the coaching package is worth it".


First of all:

It's your fears and your mind blocks talking to you right now! Let me put it this way: Are you good at what you are doing? Will your coaching help other people?

If your answer is yes to those two questions, then I just want to say, "I have no further questions your Honor" (as I would say if I was a lawyer, talking in the court....)




What you can help a coaching client with; is that something they really, really need or desire? If yes, they would pay that amount for your help.

Let me give you an example:

When I have needed help in my business, I have learned that it costs me a less amount of time and money when I get the right help from the right coaches. It's the same way in my life in general. When I had PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) back then, money wouldn't be an issue if just someone had helped me get rid of the pain...

It's the same when it comes to weight loss, starting a business, mindset issues,  career coaching, relationship coaching, etc. etc.

What you pay is often what you get... And you want to offer the best coaching — if coaching was something you would love to do, right? 

I could go on and on regarding different ways for you to start coaching, but that will be for another time. We need to say bye for now...

So I hope you gained some value from this weeks blog post, if you want you can download a free guide to ask yourself the right questions just so you can get the right mindset. You know... the kind of mindset you need to get where you want to go!