Every Rose Has It's Thorn

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2019

«Every rose has it's thorn. Like every night has it's dawn. Like every cowboy need his sad sad song...»


I don't know why, but I just startet to sing this beautiful song by Poison. I haven't heard it for years!
So I had to make a blog post about it. It's so true! We all have our very own thorns. 

None of us go through life without experiencing something sad. That is life. It's good, and it's bad. It has its light and it has its dark.

Have you ever thought that the bad things you have experienced can become something that you can help other people survive at? That you can help other people come back to life by using your way of dealing with your own «thorns»,?

You can. 

Because you have been the one walking in their shoes. You have experienced what other people now go through in their life. You can be someone they can identify with.

Maybe your purpose in life is helping other people who now experience their own trauma. And by saying trauma I don't just mean the really horrible and tragic things, like losing your loved ones because of a disease or an accident. What is trauma for some people doesn't have to be trauma for someone else.

Definition of the word trauma:
«a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.»

You see by the definition that we all have experienced some kind of trauma during our life, or we will at some point.

When I start to coach people who want to have their own businesses, some of them say that they don't know what to do or where to start.

I always tell them that they have to start with their life purpose. What they are here to do right now, based on where they are in their life. If not, they normally end up right where they are when we have the conversation... And that is not something we want. Very few want to try once again, when they have failed the first time.

When we start talking about their life, I hear that they are very passionate about a specific topic. When that topic is their own «thorn», we sometimes take the conversation to what if their trauma could be their new career. At that point, most of them start to look at me like I'm out of my mind.

I tell them about myself and how I experienced PTSD. How that experience has been an important part of my own journey towards a business that let me wake up every single morning looking forward to go to work.

There are so many people out there who go through ugly divorces, depression, unwanted infertility, disease, fear, a big loss, rape, and many other «thorns». They really really need to see that other people have gone through what they now go through, and that they have survived.

Like me; I was looking all over the internet to find stories or courses made by people who had experienced PTSD before me. I had my psychologist, who was an amazing person. She really helped me out. But she hadn't walked in my shoes!

That is what we need when we are in a situation like that! (Don't misunderstand me. I don't say that people should drop their doctor, psychologist etc. when they have a reason for seeing one. I just say that when we are in a situation like that we really need to learn from someone who have walked the road before us!)

So take some time to yourself. What is your «thorn(s)»?
Was your way of dealing with it something that someone else could learn from?
It's really good therapy for yourself knowing that what you experienced and how you dealt with the situation could help other people who now are where you once were.

Maybe your life purpose is helping someone out there. Someone who feel that they are all alone experiencing their own trauma right now. Give it a thought...