Do you want to try an MVE to dial in on your life purpose?

Uncategorized Apr 17, 2020


I know there are so many of you who are looking for your "life purpose", your "why" — your "thing".

What I always encourage my students to do, is to open their eyes and see that they can have a purpose that consists of different factors.

And sometimes our purpose is NOT what we thought we should make a living out of at all. Or like some; their "why" isn't what they should have as a living.


I have therefore made a mini vision exercise (MVE) for you to dial into your life purpose.

By doing this exercise, you will become even more clear on what it is you are here on this earth to accomplish, what your mission really is.


Are you ready?

The MVA contains of you reading 14 questions to yourself. For each question, you stop and think the question through before you go to the next question.

And you do this until you have gone through all the 14 questions in your mind.

Then you put the questions away for 24 hours. Do something else during this time. Don't focus on your purpose or these questions at all.

Okay.. I know that asking you not to think about the questions is the same as asking you not to think of an elephant. What you will see in your mind right now is... Yes, I know: an elephant, right?

Don't get me wrong, it's normal and it's okay to think of the questions. It's difficult not to, all the time you know you aren't allowed. But what I want is for you not to focus on the questions — or work on them — during these 24 hours. Just put them away.

What I want you to promise yourself instead is that every time you get irritated, sad or frustrated for these next 24 hours you, are going to think 3 positive thoughts instead. Every single time.

This will put you in another state and it will help you clear your mind until you are going back to the questions after 24 hours.

It might sounds strange, but it works.

You must also promise yourself to do something you love during these 24 hours. It can be taking a long bath, reading an hour in a book, going for a walk, finding all your favorite songs from "back then"on YouTube — or looking at old photographs. No matter what you choose to do, do something that will put you in a good state. 

When you go back to the questions after 24 hours, you take your time and write the answers down. Not on your computer, not on your phone — but in a notebook or a journal or something like that. Spend some time on this exercise. It's worth it.

I still do this MVE myself from time to time. Even if I feel that I know my "why".  It puts me in the right state and gives me new ideas to work on.

Okay, are you ready for the questions?

Here they are, all 14 of them:

  • What were you naturally good at as a child, as a teenager, and now as an adult?
  • If you could try any career in this world, what top 5 would that be?
  • Why did you choose those 5 careers?
  • What would you do with your life if you knew that you would not fail?
  • What kind of legacy or gift would you like to leave people here on earth?
  • Are there any persons or businesses that excite you? If yes, why?
  • What do you feel that the world needs more of? Is this something you would see as your life purpose to fulfill?
  • What would you stand up and fight for?
  • Is there something you strongly believe in?
  • What challenges, obstacles, or pains have you experienced in your life?
  • How did you manage to overcome them?
  • Could you help other people overcome similar obstacles? (It's always important to have in mind that even if you could, would that make you become happier and more aligned with your values? Or would it drain you?
  • Based on who you are, your values, and your skills: do you think other people can clearly see your life purpose?
  • What would you do right now if you had the rest of the day to yourself?


Good luck!

Now I'm going to do this MVE myself!