Back To Basic So You Can Start Your Journey

Uncategorized Jun 04, 2019


This is a blog post all about how you, by going back to basic, will gain a solid foundation of your transformation towards a life you love living.

A foundation to back you up so you can go out there and create your very own dream career...


Think of the first steps when you're building a house. You don’t start with the walls or the windows. You have to start with the foundation, right?

Another great example is one of the fables we heard when we where children. The one that Walt Disney made a film of…

The three small pigs that built their homes like a protection towards the big scary wolf, remember? They built their houses of different materials.



The big scary wolf wanted to eat those three cute small pigs by blowing their houses down to reach them. He managed to blow down the houses built by the two small pigs. They just wanted to get a «quick fix», and built their houses of straw and sticks…

The fairytale ends with the wolf trying to blow down the house built by the third pig. The wolf thinks he can, but he can’t… Because it’s built brick by brick on a solid foundation…

The moral in the fable goes for us as well. We have to go back to basic. After all: It is the foundation of our foundation…

It's crucial to dig deep down in who you really are, and what feeling you have deep inside. I want you to spend time on that. It’s all about giving yourself time and space to think it over…

Give yourself permission to make yourself something warm to drink, put your phone on silent mode, sit down in a place where you know you don’t get distracted. Then go back to basic, so you have your foundation settled for all the greatness that is coming your way.

Og Mandino said: «Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later». That is so true. 

The work you can do now is all there, right in front of you, so you can harvest your dream career down the road…



Things that seem so obvious, can often be the hardest part.

Don’t you agree?

That’s why we so often don’t dare to make that shift we’re longing for. We give up before we have even given it an honest shot. It’s critical to go back to basic. And you can do that, starting today.

Start by getting in the core of which situations at work and your private life that makes you stressed out and angry. Have your reaction changed over the last year(s)?

Why you are feeling like you do, why do you become stressed out and/or angry?

Is it because you are so tired? Is it because you’ve had it? Is it because you have changed? Only you know the answer... 

Why do you want to create a new career? Is it because of the job you have today, or is it because you want something «more»? Will a new career make you feel more aligned with your values? Will it make your stress level decrease?


At last...

See yourself as a 90 year old person, reminisce over your life. What advice would a 90 year old you give to you where you are today?

What advice do you think you would get regarding your career and your life…..?

You see the picture. Dig as deep as you can. And again; only you know the answers to these questions.

This is a really powerful exercise. It can even be the «One million dollar exercise»... Why? Because you will learn so much about yourself. Who you are. Why you want to start this journey.
And not least: if it's really worth it



If you go back to basic, I know you will be thanking yourself afterwords. Believe me... Like I said: It's so worth it.


PS: If you are like I was, you are asking yourself all those low vibrating questions... Every single day. So last week I made a free pdf with the high value questions I started asking myself instead. Just so they can help you the way they helped me. You will find them here:

Yes, please! I need these questions!