Aaargh, I'm a fraud! They will find out at last!

Uncategorized May 28, 2019


Do you feel like a fraud? Then you should be proud of yourself!

Yes, I mean it! You should be proud of yourself, if you have feelings like that from time to time!


Why, you might ask. Let me explain...:

People who feel like a fraud are normally people who are high achievers. You heard me! High achievers!

That is not bad! Every time you start getting the feeling of being a fraud, remember these words...

...And to lift you even higher:



It's especially common amongst successful professionals!
For those who have gained a great amount of success as defined by their industry, their age or their gender.

If you are feeling like a fraud, you believe that you have to prove to those around you so much more than they would ever (Yes, EVER) expect from you. Believe me!

I can promise you this:
If you ask people who know you really well if they think you are a fraud at what you do, or want to do, they would laugh. They would think you were fooling around. It's the way you see yourself. Not how other people see you. The ones that really know you, and know what you're capable of.


Just to make it clear:
Feeling like a fraud is a psychological phenomenon. You might have heard of it. It's called impostor syndrome.

Even if you are successful at what you do, or if you have the skills you need in order to create your own business, you have this core belief of being a failure. Of being incompetent. It's not a good feeling.

But I really hope you start feeling better after reading this. I really do.

You see... You must never let the «Aaaargh, I'm a fraud» feeling set you back. Never.

Easy for me to say, you might think? Believe me. I've felt like a fraud more times than I can count. So I know the feeling. It's not a  good one.

Feelings like:

  • I guess I was lucky (when getting a promotion)
  • I had a ton of help, so that's the reason I made it
  • They're just being nice to me. That's why I make it


So... What can you do about it?

Well, first of all. Ask yourself this question:

WHY CAN I DO IT? (Not, why can't I do it)

Write your answer on a piece of paper. This will make it more real to you.

Then, every time you get the «Aaargh, I'm a fraud» feeling, tell yourself why you think other people will find out you're a fraud.

Would you think that your best friend was a fraud if she (or he) had your experience, your passion and your skills – and wanted to do what you are doing? Ask yourself that question, and answer it. And at last, tell yourself 3 positive things about yourself, and why you're not a fraud!

Try it out! I know it can be a mindblower to you! And who knows... Maybe you are the one telling other people how to get rid of their impostor syndrome one beautiful day!


PS! I have made this Confidence Poster that I think you will really love. The best part is: it's free.