My mission is to help you go from where you are today to where you want to be!

My Own Story


I will start to tell you my story with the exact same words that I start my chapter in the best-selling book «The Recipe For Success», which I am co-authoring with Mr. Jack Canfield (my hero):

«...I want to tell you a story, a story about a brown-eyed girl who just turned 16. A girl that is about to go for her big dream: moving abroad for one year, to the land of freedom and opportunities.

One year away from little Norway, to experience the life in the southern part of the US, has been her dream for years. She has studied English, and she has prepared for living away from her family for the next 11 months. She has become best friends with her host family who are so nice and who lets her live with them as a daughter and sister through this school year.

The day before she leaves her hometown and says goodbye to everyone, to start her adventure in a foreign country, she feels that something is not right. A few hours later, her world is turned upside down. She is not critically sick, she is not about to die, even if she feels that her world is suddenly falling apart. She is pregnant…»

To make a long story short: Kristine was a blessing in disguise. I continued my education, while enjoying being Kristine's mother.

I trained myself in my very own «even-if method», wich helped me go from where I was to where I wanted to be. It's 90 % mindset, right?

Today I help other people who want to have a change in their life, and a change in their career. I myself am a living example of a «Career Transformator» and someone who came back to life after having suffered from PTSD.

From HR Manager to a fire fighter, and later a fire chief, is quite a transformation! But I did what I desired – and learned so much along the way! – about myself and about the «Do´s and Don'ts».

In January 2017, I quit my job as a fire chief to start out as an entrepreneur. Again: a huge transformation. 

I founded Create Your Dream Career® and the Norwegian consultant company Einang Safety Consult AS.

With «Create Your Dream Career» I help women build their dream career, so that they can live the life they deserve & desire. I love to see how they get the joy back into their lives!

Joy and happiness are very important to me. You see, I have had my ups and downs. In 2015 I got diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I ended up not seeing anything positive with my life at all. I didn't want to be here on this beautiful earth anymore. I was so sick that I couldn't see the joy in my two kids, my «partner in crime», in the rest of my family, or in my friends. 

One day I was sitting in my bed thinking that I had to help others who experience what I now experienced. That what I had been through hadn't been in vain... 

Fast forward to today:

I see the importance of having a career that fuels you. I see so many people who "hate" Mondays. We need to change that! My part as a Career Shift Specialist is helping my clients in a corporate career get "primed" to go out there and create a business that fuels them every single day!  

And, when your job is such a huge part of your life, it's important to have a career that gives you joy and fulfillment.

You are on this earth for a short amount of time. You deserve to enjoy it while you're around! I'm here to guide you on your journey towards the life you want to live.


How can Karine help me?

I am guiding you who want to change your career, but don't know where to start or what to do.

Women who want to transform their career have a lot of questions, a lot of fears  – and often they don't know WHAT it is their new career path really is. Maybe you are one of those women?

By asking the right questions and lovingly guide you towards your desire in life – I will «hold your hand» and help you make the leap.

Wouldn't it be great to have a career that matches your desire and your values in life, aka YOUR DREAM CAREER? You can have it! It's right there waiting for you around the next corner...


Karine has a bachelor degree in leadership and economics. Later on her path she became an HSE engineer and a fire engineer.

She has also taken education within fire investigation and readiness management.

To guide others, she later became an NLP Practitioner, and at last an assertiveness and life coach.

Karine just loves how you can create your own future by using the laws of the Universe, and is a certificate Law of Attraction Coach.


Karine is co-author of the best-selling book «The Recipe For Success» with Jack Canfield.

In 2016 Karine wrote a Norwegian book about leadership called «Help! I’ve become The Boss!». This book is a roadmap for leaders – so they can do their best for the people around and take care of themselves at the same time.



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